Richard and the castle life


         Being with Richard, it is meeting the rural part of France that is left over and damaged by the economics’ growth. It is a travel in the past where the old things are becoming in life, are fixed. Industry is damaged, jobs are left and economic values are different. Richard is there, retrieving, collecting the mark of the past. 

          The first time that I saw Richard, it was on a video on Youtube where Urbexers recorded their encounter with him in an abandoned castle. Since in the social media he has been re-baptised “Papy gardien” (Grampa Watchman). We met in January 2018 and since we are seeing often each other, his crucifix and him became my guide of unusual.

        Richard loves his area and it patrimony, the Normandy. He is obsessed by the past and he spends his spare time to look for abandoned castle. He dreams to own one to be able to fix and save it from collapsing. 


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