Balaknama, Slum kids reporters

Ten years ago, a couple of street children working and living in Delhi took the initiative to form themselves into an called organisation Badhte Khadam – Walking Forward. They’d had enough of their voice not being taken in consideration and so they created their own newspaper to express themselves freely and loudly. Today the fiftieth edition of Balaknama , Children’s Voices will be published on a tabloid format of 8 pages. 

The power of the pen informs them about the value of education and a lot of them carry on their education through distance learning. Usually, Balaknama’s reporters are between 12 and 17 years old and they write about working children’s life struggle on the streets. Of course they also cover stories of success and bravery as well as giving their opinion on both drug and abuse, reporting  missing children and inform their readers about labour and education laws. After all, there is no better person to speak about slum children than themselves. Despite their personal challenges, these slum kid reporters find the energy to support and help others. The 25,000 copies of the newspaper are shared between the slum children and any person who can help them. Balaknama is distributed in the streets and surroundings of the capital. For you and me , Balaknama costs 2 rupees or about 2 cents.

India, Delhi, 2014

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